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Reviews for Stargate: Atlantis Novels

For Reliquary

...the plot is very creative and addresses a lot of undeveloped canonical elements (like how the ATA gene actually works, for instance). It's quite suspenseful and witty, with some good character moments, particularly for Sheppard and McKay. ...It's a fun, fast read with a lot of good character development and a lot of action to balance it. I enjoyed it, and I'd recommend it.
- Suela Clabby Reader Review

It's a wonderful book which I won`t get tired of rereading. It`s full of engaging action and witty banter, and it had me alternately snorting with laugher and holding my breath, and sometimes aching for the characters. Atmosphere is tangible, descriptions are rich, flavoured with details, the mystery is original and complicated, and it has everything a fan of a good sci/fi can hope for.
- Irina Kolesnikova Reader Review

Martha Wells' Reliquary is an enjoyable addition to the world of Stargate: Atlantis. With a story that's both intricate and genuinely creepy, the book kept my interest from the first page to the last. Wells introduces the unfamiliar elements deftly while keeping the story grounded in the familiar characters and relationships from the show. In particular, the relationships among the characters resonate with all the things Atlantis fans have come to love: loyalty, clever banter, and genuine respect. Definitely a worthy addition to any Atlantis fan's library.
- Lucy Busker Reader Review

Reliquary feels like a particularly well-written episode of Stargate: Atlantis, produced with a planet-sized special effects budget, and yet I think the book would still work if you had never watched the TV series it ties into. Highly entertaining, it's full of adventure, great banter and character moments that feel just right. McKay and Sheppard steal the spotlight, but most of the other team members also get a chance to shine, and I particularly liked Teyla's deadpan dialogue. A great read to tide you over until the next season.
- Katrien Rutten Reader Review

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