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Short Stories and Non-fiction


| Stories of the Raksura I: The Falling World & The Tale of Indigo and Cloud
Night Shade Books 2014

Includes the two novellas The Falling World and The Tale of Indigo and Cloud plus the short stories "The Forest Boy" and "Adaptation."

| Stories of the Raksura II: The Dead City & The Dark Earth Below
Night Shade Books 2015

Includes the two novellas The Dead City and The Dark Earth Below plus the short stories "Trading Lesson," "Mimesis," and "The Almost Last Voyage of the Wind-ship Escarpment."

| Between Worlds: the Collected Ile-Rien and Cineth Stories
marthawells.com 2015

Originally published as part of Six by Six: A New Kind of Spec-Fic Anthology. Contains all five previously published short stories set in Ile-Rien and Cineth, plus a new story, "Night at the Opera," set before The Death of the Necromancer and featuring Reynard Morane and Nicholas Valiarde.


| Thorns Realms of Fantasy June 1995, Podcastle #279, September 2013

| Bad Medicine Realms of Fantasy June 1997

| Archaeology 101 Stargate Magazine #8 January/February Issue 2006.
An SG-1 story

| Wolf Night Lone Star Stories August 2006

| "Revenants" Tales of the Emerald Serpent, June 2012
Jelith and Kryranen find more than they bargained for when trying to free a wealthy merchant family from persistent ghosts.

| "Soul of Fire" Tales of the Emerald Serpent II: A Knight in the Silk Purse, July 2014
Jelith and Kryranen get an offer they can't refuse.

| "The Dark Gates" The Gods of Lovecraft, December 2015

| "Compulsory" Wired Magazine, January 2019
A Murderbot Diaries Story.

| "Obsolescence," Take Us to a Better Place, May 2020

| "Machina: Chapter 7 This Facility Has Gone 0 Days Without a Gray Goo Incident" February - March 2020

| "home: habitat, range, niche, territory" May 2020
A Murderbot Diaries Story.

| The Salt Witch Uncanny Magazine #37, November 2020

| "Bespin Escape" The Empire Strikes Back: From a Certain Point of View November 2020

Ile-Rien Stories

| "The Potter's Daughter" Elemental May 2006
Set before The Element of Fire

| "Holy Places" Black Gate #11 August 2007, Lightspeed Magazine #42 November 2013
Ilias is abandoned by the Finan family and finds Andrien, just as the house is attacked.

| "Rites of Passage" marthawells.com, April 2014
The first wizard hunt.

| "Houses of the Dead" Black Gate #12 July 2008
Giliead is called to investigate a strange happening in godless territory.

| "Reflections" Black Gate #10 March 2007
A typical day for a Chosen Vessel.

| "Night at the Opera" Between Worlds: the Collected Ile-Rien and Cineth Stories May 2015
A noble Rienish family asks Reynard Morane to thwart a sorcerous blackmailer, and he recruits a reluctant Nicholas Valiarde to help. Also appeared on Podcastle Episode 400.

Three Worlds Stories

| "The Forest Boy" July 2009. Stories of the Raksura vol I, September 2014
Moon almost finds a home. Set before The Cloud Roads

| "The Almost Last Voyage of the Wind-ship Escarpment" September 2011. Stories of the Raksura vol II, June 2015
Jai and her crew take on a mission that may be too much for them.

| "Adaptation" February 2012. Stories of the Raksura vol I, September 2014
How Chime became a warrior. Set before to The Cloud Roads

| "Mimesis" The Other Half of the Sky, Spring 2013. Stories of the Raksura vol II, June 2015
Jade has an adventure.

| "Birthright" Mech: Age of Steel, June 2017.
The crew of the Escarpment makes an odd discovery during a salvage job.

Three Worlds Novellas

| "The Falling World" Stories of the Raksura Vol. I, September 2014.

| "The Tale of Indigo and Cloud" Stories of the Raksura Vol. I, September 2014.

| "The Dead City" Stories of the Raksura Vol. II, June 2015.

| "The Dark Earth Below" Stories of the Raksura Vol. II, June 2015.


| "The Ups and Downs of a Long Career"
The Writer's Book of Doubt edited by Aidan Doyle, illustrated by Kathleen Jennings. July 2019

| Unbury the Future
Toastmaster Speech from the 2017 World Fantasy Awards in San Antonio, Texas. October 2017

| "A Life Less Ordinary: The Environment, Magic Systems, and Non-Humans"
The Kobold Guide to Magic edited by Ray Vallese. Kobold Press. March 2014

| "Donna Noble Saves the Universe"
Chicks Unravel Time edited by Deborah Stanish and L.M. Myles. Mad Norwegian Press. November 2012

| "Neville Longbottom: the Hero With a Thousand Faces"
Mapping the World of Harry Potter edited by Mercedes Lackey. BenBella Books. January 2006

| "Don't Make Me Tongue You: John Crichton and D'Argo and the Dysfunctional Buddy Relationship"
Farscape Forever edited by Glenn Yeffeth. BenBella Books. September 2005