Forerunner City

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Forerunner City - an ancient abandoned city built beneath an artificially constructed island off the coast, northwest of Aventera and The Reaches. Believed to be built by the Forerunners, though there was no material proof. Its doors opened most readily to a Forerunner, or a consort born of both Raksura and Fell, though with ingenuity some past explorers had found a way inside.

It held a prisoner of great power, who had drawn both groundlings and Fell to it for an unknown period of time, in an effort to escape. This creature was believed to be the reason Fell flights began to capture Raksuran consorts and Arbora for breeding purposes, that it had suggested this method to them so they might open the city and release it. But it did not escape, for the construction of the city held a last trap that it did not anticipate.