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Reviews for Other Fantasy Novels

For City of Bones

"A bravura performance, to which no summary can do justice: compellingly plotted, stunningly original in concept, and glowing with utterly convincing detail." (*Book of Special Note)
- Kirkus Reviews

". . . a delight: an SF adventure with complex characters, archeological puzzles, a dash of mental magic and a lot of fast-paced action . . . This finely crafted novel expertly combines several genres -- SF, fantasy, horror -- and, perhaps most impressive of all, even manages to avoid an overly sentimenal ending." (*Starred Review)
- Publishers Weekly

"Wells's story is addictive. It's high energy, compelling . . . It grabbed me, thrust me into an unfamiliar, complex, and vastly interesting world, and propelled me, like a hummingbird in a gale, toward the ending."
- New York Review of Science Fiction

"Ignore the classification . . . and simply enjoy its nonstop adventure. During the action-packed search for relics, alliances shift, trust is betrayed, life is devalued, and magical events occur. Mesmerizing for fans of the genre, a pleasure for all."
- "Word of Mouth," Library Journal

"A fantasy/sci-fi novel with the feel of the classic Andre Norton adventure novels...You have a hero...struggling to rise from adverse circumstances who meets and against his will becomes attracted to an intelligent, strong heroine while they attempt to solve the ancient riddle of what destroyed an earlier civilization. This is a good read and bodes well for Wells' future in the field."
- Hartford Courant

"For fresh, appealing fantasy, look no further than City of Bones, a hardcover novel by fast rising star Martha Wells . . . Ms. Wells develops an exciting premise with great color and flair, devising a powerhouse resolution."
- Romantic Times

"Wells' elaborate fantasy is a carefully developed, inspired adventure that takes place in a lavish, sacred, ordered universe of wealth and intrigue."
- Booklist, Adult Books for Young Adults

On the Locus 1995 Recommended Reading List for Fantasy

For Wheel of the Infinite

"Wheel of the Infinite is a book readers will remember and Wells is an author who leaves us eager for more."
- Cleveland Plain Dealer

"What Jack Vance is to science fiction, Martha Wells is rapidly becoming to fantasy...Wells creates a fantasy city so well-crafted and rich, it becomes almost a living character. Better even than her previous Nebula-nominated novel The Death of the Necromancer, Wheel of the Infinite shines with sparkling prose and interesting characters...Wells is the brightest new light in the fantasy field in some years, and Wheel of the Infinite is an excellent novel that aptly demonstrates her powerful wattage."
- Portland Oregonian

"In a field teeming with clones, retreads, and solipsistic doorstoppers, Wells dares--and, gloriously, succeeds--to be different. What more do you need?" (*Book of Special Note)
- Kirkus Reviews

Fast-paced, witty and inventive, Wells' latest fantasy is not only about saving the world; it is also about saving Maskelle from self-doubt and isolation. The vividly imagined Celestial Empire's peril is made all the more dramatic by the characters' sarcastic, reasonable conversations, and by their very human responses to inhuman dangers; there is real reading pleasure here.
- Publishers Weekly

Books such as The Element of Fire and City of Bones are minor classics. Full of mysticism and unforgettable charcters, Wheel of the Infinite will only enhance her reputation.
- Dallas Morning News 5/21/00

...intelligent entertainment likely to appeal to a broad range of fantasy readers.
- Booklist

Wells spices her latest fantasy with exotic textures and colors reminiscent of India and the Far East, while mystery and court intrigue add depth to this tale of love and risk. Highly recommended for most fantasy collections.
- Library Journal

"...colourful, memorable protagonists that one longs for a whole series of sequels in order to visit again with them and their world of wondrously exotic, intricate backgrounds, dazzling magical manifestations, and truly original plot devices that add up to a tour de force of the imagination and a pleasurable fantastic fiction reading experience rarely matched!"
- Amy Harlib, SF Site

...excellent fantasy set in a very different world...
- Locus

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