Stories of the Raksura: Volume I
The Falling World and The Tale of Indigo and Cloud

Book Four of The Books of the Raksura

Night Shade Books, September 2014
2018 Hugo Award Finalist for Best Series

"The Falling World"
Jade, sister queen of the Indigo Cloud Court, has traveled with Chime and Balm to another Raksuran court. When she fails to return, her consort Moon, along with Stone and a party of warriors and hunters, must track them down. Finding them turns out to be the easy part; freeing them from an ancient trap hidden in the depths of the Reaches is much more difficult.

"The Tale of Indigo and Cloud"
This novella explores the history of the Indigo Cloud Court, long before Moon was born. In the distant past, Indigo stole Cloud from Emerald Twilight. But in doing so, the reigning Queen Cerise and Indigo are now poised for a conflict that could spark war throughout all the courts of the Reaches.

Also includes the short stories "The Forest Boy" and "Adaptation," both set before The Cloud Roads.

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