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Excerpts from
Some Few Known Peoples of the Three Worlds
a Traveler's Warning and Guide

by A Wanderer

This guide does not include known predatory species.

Agun-teil are primarily artisans, and stand only about two to three paces high. They have heavy armored shells which cover their heads completely. They have six arms and a varying number of fingers on each hand. They are a peaceful people with many far-flung settlements, and are often seen traveling along the trade roads of the east.

Cedar-rin live in the area of the lake of Vin-selessa near the great trading roads of the Lacessian and Vaganian Way. They build large stone cities of complicated design, and then abandon them for reasons which are not clear. They are large bipeds, with skin protected by tiny scales, and both males and females have horns curling down from the backs of their skulls, though of slightly different shapes. They have a third gender, called drones, and are believed to have a non-verbal method of communication. They hire out as mercenaries and guards in family groups.

Cordans are believed to be all that is left of the once great empire centered at Kiaspur. They are short and stocky, with pale gray-green skin and greenish hair. Kiaspur had close attachments with a sealing kingdom in the distant past, and this is shown by the small patches of scales on Cordan skin. They are primarily farmers, and seem open to traders and travelers, but this can be deceptive.

Duazi are nomads who inhabit the moss forests of the far east. Not much is known about them, except that they are believed by some to be highly skilled in plant potions and simples, and are perhaps not safe to approach.

Dwei are not groundlings, yet not skylings. They are large and beetle-like in shape, with hard carapaces, and insect-like wings. They build hives on cliff sides from the secretions of their own bodies, usually in plains or desert country. They farm fungi in their hives and tunnels.

Emara are the dominant people of the old empire of Emriat-terrene. They have light blue skin and a hard boney ring around their skulls, topped by an uneven pearl-like surface. They are noted city-builders, and engage in a great deal of trade and commerce.

Freian are believed to be descended from a waterling species near the coast of Emriat-terrene, though they have lost their ability to breathe underwater. They are short in stature, and their skin is gray-green and scaled, and they have a boney vestigial head crest. They are artisans and workers among the coastal cities of the western freshwater sea.

Golden Islanders inhabit the flying islands of the Yellow Sea. They are short, slim people, with smooth white hair worn long and golden skin and golden eyes. They are traders and scholars, often deliberately seeking contact with new races and species, and are always safe to approach.

Hassi are eastern jungle dwellers who build complex cities atop the giant link-trees.

Iskanieri are nomads of the eastern jungles.

Karamed live near the coasts of the western freshwater sea, and are believed to be related to elements of the eastern Kishan Empire. They are tall in stature, usually slim, with dark brown skin and black hair, and are generally nomadic traders in the near west and city-builders in the far west.

Kinet inhabit the mountain ranges to the west of Abascene. They are tall and often strongly built, with smooth brown skin which is said to be thick and tough to protect against the cold and wind. Their hair is usually dark brown and curling and worn loose, and they have white or yellowish tusks to either side of the nose. Their principal city is Keres-gedin, also called The Turning City. They are miners, traders, and builders of tools and machines much prized by the Kish in particular.

Kek mainly live in the forests of the forbidden western reaches, but there are also said to be coastal Kek and desert Kek. They have stick-like limbs, with a fine dusting of fur, often green, and their bodies are narrow and flat. They have round eyes and a round mouth, a narrow nose, on a square-shaped head. They trade in plants and grasses, eat no meat, and are usually safe to approach, though their language is complex and difficult to learn.

Mirani frequent the deep east of the Abascene and the Crescent Coast. They are farmers and herders, with light green skin and light-colored hair. They can be insular, though are usually amiable to traders.

Riverians are travelers and explorers along the Crescent Coast, though their home land is not well known. They have white silky fur and bony head crests, and often engage in trade.

Selessae are called Fishers in their local language, and live in the shallow waters of the lake of Vin-selessa in the east. They are burly and thick-bodied, with short curly gray-green fur, and square heads. They are a peaceful and often gregarious people, well accustomed to traders.

Sericans are nomadic traders who travel in large wooden caravan wagons, through both the plains and mountains of the far and near east, and throughout the lands of Imperial Kish. Their land of origin is unknown, at least to outsiders. They have dark blue skin and straight black hair, and are always safe to approach.

Sipar are the denizens of a far west empire, and are often found some distance from their land of origin. They are tall and slim, and have very pale skin tinged with gray, and black or silver-gray hair. Their heads, limbs, and torsos are long in proportion to their height, and they have high foreheads and elongated features. They are known for their trading networks, and are also builders of gadgets and machines. They are usually safe to approach as individuals or small groups, but their complex systems of government can make travelers to their cities uneasy.

Telethi are nomadic, living primarily on boats and large trading ships, and are found in coastal regions all through the southwest. They are tall and strongly built, with dark gold skin and hair.

Vargan-teil are distantly related to the Agun-teil, but they have no armored shells and are much taller. They are often a dark green or brown, have extremely thin bodies, and large multi-faceted eyes. They have two sets of hands on their arms, with delicate feelers. They are also travelers and artisans.

Verineish are sealings, living only in saltwater seas. They have green scaled skin and dark green hair of a texture and thickness that resembles water plants. Their hands and feet are webbed and clawed, and they have sharply pointed fins along their arms and legs. They are insular and hard to approach, but not counted as dangerous.

Water Travelers are waterlings, and very dangerous to approach. Though they often engage in coastal trade, they are carrion eaters and are believed by some to feed on unwary groundlings, if the opportunity presents itself. The main body of a Water Traveler appears to be a groundling from the waist up. Below, a root-like mass floats on the water with tentacles and a mouth beneath the surface. Gray horn structures stand up above the water, surrounding and protecting the surface body, growing out of its arms, back, chest, and vestigial legs. Their skin is gray and studded with hard chips of horn-like growths.

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